A continuation of Restorative Art I, the student will learn color theory, cosmetic applications, wax treatments, suturing, non-wax treatments, hair restoration, hypodermic tissue building, and death masks. The laboratory is designed to supplement the theoretical information provided in the lecture class. Students model facial features from clay and affix the a plastic armature, and practice mixing and applying cosmetics to a facial mask.

The student will learn how grief affects the family of the deceased and the role of the funeral in grief resolution. Grief reactions, grief cycles and the various stages of grief will be explored. The student will learn an understanding of the basic methods and procedures of grief counseling and the many elements that a funeral director brings into the counseling session. The student learns to recognize and understand his/her own personal resources for coping with loss situations.

This course is designed to develop an understanding of an accounting system. The student will learn how to analyze business transactions and how they relate to the accounting cycle, primarily a small service and merchandising business. The student will learn journalizing, posting, preparing a trial balance, completing financial reports and computing payroll and payroll taxes.

General Psychology is a course designed to familiarize students with the theoretical and experimental approaches to understanding the processes involved in behaviors.